• The best job in the world?

    Hi everyone, it’s been a while since we have done a blog! But with Mother’s Day coming up, we could not let that pass by without some attention. My name is Rosanna, I have been a part of the Arts Desire team for a bit now and I have the honour of writing this blog. …

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  • Simple Christmas sewing: Christmas Bottle sack tutorial. Finished product

    Simple Christmas Sewing

    Hello everyone! Our Elves at the shop have been rather busy. We have had a successful Needlefelting workshop, our first Late Night Shopping Thursday and new Christmas stock is still coming in! Our last blog told you all about our Top Tips of a unique Christmas present, and one of those tips was to make …

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  • 5 Tips for a Unique Christmas Present

    Hello everyone, what a busy week here at the shop! In last week’s blog I told you all about our Christmas preparations and since then even more new stock has come in. We have had so many boxes arriving full of exciting goodies it made me feel like a kid at Christmas morning. Things are starting to …

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  • Christmas at Arts Desire

    Hello everyone, sorry this blog is up a little later, we have been quite busy! Busy with putting up the Christmas lights and getting all the Christmas items unboxed so that we are ready for the most wonderful time of the year. This blog will tell you all about what we will have in stock for you …

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  • Combine egg and chocolate mixture for your Chocolate banana cake

    Super Chocolate Banana Cake

    Dogs are funny things. Especially a Labradoodle with 3 parts Labrador and one part Poodle. Looking more like a very refined Lab. Poppy, our 2 year old pup can play all parts equally well. Always keen to go for a walk, she is the first at the front door at the the slightest hint of …

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  • Snuggle up with our Top 5 Hot Chocolate Recipes

    Our top 5 Hot Chocolate Recipes

    Winter is coming. The perfect time to snuggle up in front of the fireplace with an indulgent cup of hot chocolate. Although the Cadbury stir in stuff does the job, it cannot compare to the real deal. We love a good treat at Arts Desire so therefore we have selected our mouthwatering top 5 of …

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  • On a fairy walk in the Dambey Woods you can find toadstools

    On a Fairy walk with Poppy

    As you may well know, I love to take my Labrador Poppy out for a walk. At this time of year, the Danby Woods are a magical wonderland filled with all sorts of mushrooms, moss and gorgeously coloured leaves. I even spotted some fairy rings along the way, which got me me thinking about the myths …

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  • How to make your Halloween bunting: Finished

    Halloween Special: Halloween Bunting Tutorial

    With Halloween almost at our doorstep, the decorations are starting to go up. The houses on the street have spiderwebs on their windows and pubs have scary pumpkins on display. To stay within our pumpkin theme, like we did with my Pumpkin and Carrot Cake recipe, I came up with this gorgeous pumpkin Halloween Bunting. …

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  • A black cat is a symbol for Halloween, but how did that come to be?

    Halloween Special: Black cat, bad luck?

    We love animals at Arts Desire, and although I am more of a dog person myself, I do appreciate the quirky, ever so unpredictable and funny creature that is called a cat. As you can see in the photo, we even have our own Arts Desire house cat. His name is William. He’s a friendly black cat …

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  • 5 Paper craft ideas we love for Autumn

    5 Paper Craft ideas we love for Autumn

    Hello everyone! We’re back with this week’s blog and this time it is all about inspiring you to get creative. We’ve selected our top 5 favorite paper craft ideas which you can use to make your home feel more autumnal. All the ideas are easy and cheap so it won’t hurt your wallet to get …

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